The Boy and the Crow

He sat, stuck, staring at the tree where the free crow rested, and wished to be the crow. He spread his arms out from his chair, closed his eyes, and imagined feeling the wind whistle past his ears and over his bald head as he glided with the crow. Every day, the crow came to show the boy how to fly. Every day, the boy imagined how he could fly away, and be free.

Things Social Media Would Have You Believe

People respond violently to everything. It’s normal and acceptable to respond inappropriately to things. It’s okay to will people to hell if they disagree with you. Everyone who disagrees with you hasn’t done their research. If you’re passionate about a current issue, you’re not looking at things logically. The “other side” has the worst intentions. Even the most complicated debates on current affairs can be summed up in one picture and one line of text.

How to Get a Headache

Written by a university student with chronic headaches Have you ever wondered what it is like to have a headache? Have you ever wondered what it’s like to live like the rest of humanity? This how to is your guide to being human and having a headache. Tip 1: Stress out If you do not have regular headaches, you might not have enough stress in your life. According to WebMD’s article on “The Effects of Stress on Your Body”, there is a positive and a negative type of stress.